Welcome to Fenja FUNDS

Welcome to Fenja FUNDS


current performance

2014:    +5,26 %
2015:    +5,47 %
2016:    +4,56 %
2017:    +2,05 %

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Launch of the "Fenja FUND Multi Strategy Ltd." was at 01 October 2010 with a NAV of 100. The performance from January 2007 to 30 September 2010 was achieved with the underlying trading systems of the "Fenja FUND Multi Strategy Ltd." on real accounts and is subject to adjustment.

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With our Fenja FUNDS Strategy, the investor has the opportunity to profit at both rising and falling markets. This gives investors the chance to achieve even in turbulent market periods an outstanding performance. 

The Fenja FUND Multi Strategy Ltd. can make a valuable contribution to the diversification of a portfolio. At the same time the risk of the portfolio and the profit outlook is optimized.

Highly qualified finance mathematicians, programmers and professional traders are responsible for the development of the different system approaches.

The Multi Strategy - trading systems are applied in the most liquid stocks or bonds, indices, forex (currencies), commodity and futures markets in different time units. So our customers enjoy more than 100 financial and commodity markets - whether the prices rise or fall.


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Welcome to Fenja FUNDS