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Note for the USA:

The investment products and information on this website are not intended for distribution in the United States. It does not therefore address U.S. persons according to Rule 902, Regulation S, Securities Act 1933 (particularly those with American nationality or persons residing permanently in the U.S.).

Risk Warning:

Every investment involves risks. Rates may rise or fall. In relation to any information on this website on profit margins, returns or performance of investment products, it is important to note that a past performance is no guarantee for future performances and the achievement of a return objective. Regardless of any results described on this site in fact sheets, brochures or flyers related to the illustrated products, even a total loss of the invested capital can not be excluded.
There is no capital guarantee and no liability for the development of the products taken. There is thus no guarantee that the value of the capital in a sale or withdrawal will be equivalent to the value of the capital originally invested. An investment can be very profitable, but also carries considerable risks, which do not occur in traditional asset classes, or not to the same extent. Therefore, investors must be willing and able to accept a complete loss in purchasing.  A longer-term investment should be aimed with the purchase of shares that are primarily applicable because of their character for an admixture in an overall investment portfolio set together with other forms of investment.
No liability is taken for any typographical or printing errors and the correctness of any results described on the site in the downloadable fact sheets, brochures or flyers.

This exclusion or disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the data or information on this site, which is referred to on this page. If sections or individual terms of this statement do not correspond to the actual legal provisions, or a provision in part or in whole should be invalid, the remainder of the document and provisions will not be affected in their content and validity.

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